Live at Pickathon; King Tuff and Ty Segall

Pickathon aimed at answering one question “what does it feel like or what does it take to be called the best when it comes to weekend festivals of the year, especially for music lovers. 2015 is exactly the fifteenth celebration of this excellently unique festival which is known for its ability to schedule and bring together a myriad of diverse musical arts and artists together.

An excellent vinyl only split was released by Easy Sound showing how King Tuff and Ty Segall performed at the 2013 festival at the Pickathon. This looks very appropriate when we take into consideration the entire historical background of Pickathon itself as a musical festival. The first half was completely taken by Segall, coming with a total of six songs. Taking into consideration his reputation as a known shredder, these six songs can be seen as fairly and excellently stripped down.


A large number of the short song set can be traced back to the 2013’s sleeper and what we can say was a lo fi performance that was meant to excellently exhibit the strength of the album. In most cases, the urgency of the songs are being clearly depicted this time. The entire performance was roundup by Segall with a speeded up and terrific performance track “Girlfriend” which is from their 2010 album “Melted. This was seen as a great turning point for the high-energy set of King Tuff.

If you are someone, in fact a rock enthusiasts who had never heard anything of the nee Kyle Thomas of King Tuff, then the Pickathon 12 was the marvellous occasion to do so. It was very easy and simple to see and understand why Ty Segall and King Tuff were being paired for this new release; that’s, they both have the capabilities of turning music into a garage pop-oriented style whiles making sure that such music still has all the qualities of a contemporary music that will entice and excite the modern pop enthusiasts and lover.


This new combined setting showed that in case you had never heard of King Tuff or Tyga and you want to listen to them, then it was better to do that in such a live setting, and that was at Pickathon 12. Starting the entire festival with the song “Keep on Movin” and “Anthem” which are from the self-titled songs and releases back at 2012, King Tuff or at best Thomas’s reputation was taken to the next level as he was dubbed by many as an awesome musician. Though there are people who might not be at par with Thomas’snotty vocals if we may say, but those vocals seem to be a perfect fit for music. The performance was awesome with the team performing songs like “Stranger” and the “Dancin on You”, all from the “Was Dead” album that was released back in 2008. The team ended the show with the amazing pop vibe of the 70’s called “She’s on Fire”.

Though there are life bands that made hits, there are also those that missed the mark. However, this Live at Pickathon between King Tuff and Ty Segall is something that was cherished.

The King Tuff and Ty Segal, Live AtPickathon set was released on the 5th of May in 2015 by Easy Sound.

King Tuff Album Review – King Tuff

After coming out with the “happy birthday” album, Kyle Thomas comes back once again with a new chop for song writing, which has culminated into an album many may see as being long when it comes to distortions but short when it comes to subtlety. However, the album seems to go beyond lo-fi.

Even if you are not familiar with the name Kyle Thomas, you might be aware of some associations of his including the Seth Bogra, which is known well as Hunx, who happen to have cited him (Thomas) as his best friend. He once belonged to sprawling hippie Vermont collective Feathers. That’s the time you could just say “freak-folk” without any form of self-embarrassment.


The aforementioned cover of King Tuff is exactly like that of a decal; one that someone would decide to slap on their 1976-made Camaro. In fact, playing such album inside such a vehicle (Camaro) whiles tempting to speed up to 80mph is just awesome.

The opener to the album is carried by the “Anthem” which seems to be saluting the entire album with that devil-like gestures. There’s the “Stranger” and the fun and freewheeling “Baby Just Break” as well as the climax-closer “Hit and Run”. One thing about this album is that it was created and recorded with the highest mind impact taken into consideration as it comes free of abstractions that are considered arty.

Unlike some of the contemporaries of Thomas, his main value as an avid songwriter is accessibility capabilities. Though most of the contemporary songs written by him have wandered into the entire rock-at-large indie world, they is still a clear difference drawn between them and music fans who might seem non-receptive to the sound they listen to. And as for Thomas, meeting the demands of those in the middle is something that does not seem difficult.


King Tuff is an album that can be looked at as a cough surfer paddy you’ve always wanted to invite to your party in the house. The one that you always find fun and charming but won’t disport until each and every last beer drop is completely gone.

This great album is the brainchild of Bobby Harlow as the producer. The recording of this album was done in a two weeks run that took place in Detroit. This is what Bobby had to say about the album ““After investigating Was Dead I realized that, with his latest offering, King Tuff’s songwriting was stretching far beyond the thrill of the immediate dance-floor reflex and now revealed a songwriter with a keen eye inside everyone. That was the stuff that I was interested in. Embarrass me! I don’t give a fuck about your ex-girlfriend”

These are the songs that make up this great album and all those enthusiasts and lovers of great pop-like songs will enjoy the whole album.

King Tuff with Father John Misty at the First Avenue – Minneapolis, April 2015

It is not surprising that he’s been adored by his fans. Whether he is standing on the drum, throwing the stand of a microphone over his shoulder, Father John Misty, also known mostly by the stage name Josh Tilman gets the type of attention he deserves or requires. With his new releases in 2015 including the Honeybear, I Love You, and many more, Tiillman has rocked shows. However, what made this show rock the most is the presence of the garage pop stare we all known by Kyle Thomas.

The stage was a depiction of excellent dichotomy with songs like “I Love You, True Affectio, No Photography, etc” being the most popular. These showed a very small move from the Fear Fun acoustic that rocked the 2012 rock sound. The show was also a ground for more laughter and entertainment. Right from electro to R & B to ballad “rock” was a new life addition to the audience and the entire show. This lively show was taken to the next level as well, especially with songs including Nancy For Now On”, “Funtimes in Babylon”, and “Hollywood Forever Cemetery” were driven by the best of beats and inculcated into the audience, some kind of real electro punches. It was a site to witness.


The show was characterized by shared laughter throughout, something that can be said to being a usual thing about Father John Misty. The show, which was a complete musical show almost turned into a humorcenter or if you like, a humor show. As such, “Bored in The U.S” claimed the biggest of response as the canned laughter of the audience was completely filled wh

Kyle Thomas came out as a very infectious act in the opening of the show. Just with this band, a lot of the audience that attended could have just been satisfied just with the stunning performance from Kyle Thomas and his team alone. Just like that of Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper, the name King Tuff is both a pseudonym of the vocalist or if you want; guitarist Kyle Thomas. Present at this show was his paddies Old Gary, the drums lord and the bass boss, Magic Jake. If Kyle was at this ground-breaking show with his team, you can imagine that the real ‘unstoppable’ was depicted excellently here.


Thomas Kyle didn’t just come to express his music alone. Right from the fact that he stormed the show with Black Moon Spell to the Eyes of the Muse to CCR-like and to Eddie’s song, they changed the show into a lively destination for anybody who wanted entertainment, and especially for all people who would want to go.

Right from the beginning to the end of the show, Thomas and his team made sure that they excited the entire audience till the close of the show. This was also a ground to show how great Father John Misty and that of King Tuff can collaborate to bring the best of excitement in every person that attended the show.

King Tuff Traces His Path To The Indie-Rock Globr

When a track that was full of the latest songs from the “Black Moon Spell” album of King Tuff last fall, the mastermind of the band, Kyle Thomas sent a blurb over as a suggestion. In that blurb, he called his new truck “another instant classic”. He also made a description of himself as being “the mischievous gnome child of rock and roll”. So you won’t be surprised to find out that in interviewing Thomas, there would be something about the exciting stories that concerns pickles and crystals.

The alter ego of King Tuff is Kyle Thomas. He started his musical life around 2006 when his first album, in fact a self-created CD-R was released. At that time, he had played with the band Witch. In 2008, Kyle released his full album debut by title “Was Dead”. From then, he took a little break and toured around with some other bands and through that, an album was recorded by him with the title “Happy Birthday”. In 2011, Kyle then recorded another King Tuff single album. Just a year after that, his self-made and titiled PL album was launched. This was a major hit to his garage rock genre he had earlier on recorded.


Just do anything that seem long enough and there will be someone who will pay attention to it. That’s what Kyle Thomas told, in fact, with a laugh. King Tuff can be seen as a moniker which had given to himself accidently in his 17s, he spent most of his life in Vermont and that’s where he started his drumming life. He told that platform that he had wanted to be someone who smash things and that’s why he liked drums. On a different note, his father got him a guitar and after a few days with hit, he dived into something different; songwriting and that was when his first ever track by title “Pickle Boy” was launched. King Tuff became number 21 on the chart of Billboard Heatseeker Albums. As time went on, King Tuff later moved slowly to number 2 on the chart of the CMJ.


He also had a colourful tour for the first time as he puts it across that you can just end up sleeping in some far away field and the farmer will come and start seriously knocking on your entire tour. It has not just been easy at all with the release of albums. He said that coming out with a whole new album packed with good tracks is not something easy at all.Through the time he started as a drummer to a guitarist to the new rock and roll artists, King Tuff has made strides and he doesn’t seem to stop. He is improving and the future seem hopeful.

How The Interview Between BYT And King Tuff Went

The big current of raw and normal artistry is running through the entire Los Angeles. In a cosmopolitan where the glamour and glitz of Hollywood just seem to be the order of the day, it is exciting to realize that sweat and nice garage rock is still being made. And the man behind some of the best garage rock is no other than Thomas Kyle.

Charismatically, Kyle Thomas has the drill. The BYT had spoken to Kyle Thomas-made King Tuff the beginning part of March. This was just some few days of the release of that new song that rock the garage pop wold in 2015, the Black Moon Spells.

2015 was a big and impressive year for residents of California and natives of Vermont. This is how the interview went.

King Tuff’s free time usage


BYT asked how King Tuff spends his time, especially when there’s no program. King Tuff said whenever he is not handling a show or program, all he does is to stay in his small king sized bed. This garage-pop star said he doesn’t actually watch TV, however, what he does is go for walks when he was asked as to what, how often, he wash the TV.


The current focal point of Kyle’s music

Though the only band known to be active is Witch, Kyle Thomas seem to have built all his focus on King Tuff in 2015, because that seem to be at the helm of affairs at that time. He also felt like doing something in addition in a way of poking his noses into different things for a while. It seemed to be the reason why Thomas had different projects running in his past life. He enjoyed writing in a myriad of styles and not just his lovely garage-like pop. This is what this pop star said when he was asked how he chooses or decides on the kind of project to spend his time on or focus on at a particular time and how he decides to manage multiple projects at a time.


Motivation behind the garage pop songs already and yet to be written

Well, King Tuff was asked to give the reason behind his creations. Thus, what motivates him to write songs? To him, the motivation to writing songs does not come from a single thing but on different factors; sometimes, some of which he can’t even explain why they just made their way to specific albums and not the other ones. King Tuff gave an example of how he felt some Black Moon Spell songs to have been included in Witch, however, he didn’t know how they didn’t come at that time.

Prospects of King Tuff since 2015 and beyond

At the last part of the interview, it appeared that this garage pop star had a lot of things to do in just 2015 alone. Brazil was at the corner including a couple of shows that were to be performed with Mr. J Mescis. All were to be carried out in May. At that time, that’s what the pop star focused on.

King Tuff Live At Magnet Club

Each evening, Magnet Club always take the entire persona of whoever is performing. Until an entire lively band fills the place, the Magnet Club’s interior designs which is completely black does not depict much of a heartbeat. The site at the club was transformed into something different; something groovy when King Tuff got to the venue. This is what somebody had to say about the entire night “itsfuckingly-speedy man, and I tell ya, it’s all legal”. Well, he was completely right. There was that unapologetically addictive about the evening King Tuff arrived.


The opening of the band came with “Black Moon Spell’. As the first note hit the ground, King Tuff’s eyes twinkled and you could see that those eyes were filled with only positive vibes- vibes that were the depiction King Tuff’s own world of soundtracks – those vibes and soundtracks that showed the unapologetic boldness and lyrics of this great garage pop songwriter and singer. Though things seemed to be somewhat slow in moving into the middle of the show, it was actually shredding as well with the entire art of Black Moon Spell taking over the entire show with its background adorned with a crystal ball and a gypsy eye- all showing the spell that Kyle Thomas really prepared for his audience that night.


As Kyle moved to the middle of the album, the entire audience could experience the music really crawling up into their real spines and moved the audience into a whole new world – a world where nothing was to be observed either of appearance or respect, at least, inside the room. There was only one thing for sure, a time to dance or to slink, if you would like to put it in a more accurate way. Things really went wild and the excitement was wow.


There arose an instant onstage banter as people started pushing to get to the front; Thomas had already previously been so fascinated by how his own pop music could serve as a conversational tool that could move people that much. There were times where a complete arena of rock show was developed by the sound coming out of the speakers- sound that was seen as a complete aesthetic to the antics of King Tuff. This show, to most people, was something that was never seen before and before it ended, almost everyone wanted to be part of the moment.


This show, in fact, which is a live one served as a great exchange that occurred between the performer and the onlookers- something which, if well propelled, will move the entire participants into a whole new pool of excitement. And by the time this show entered its middle part, King Tuff had done just that and the show was still in progress. The show was an hourly gift that gave the opportunity all participants to let go of all groove and not even care about the entire time they spent, in total, at the venue. King Tuff, has in him, a sincere and unique brand which can also be translated as lackadaisical in rocking and rolling an audience into proper indulgence.